Company Profile

LandmarkTech is a professional in embedded solutions and product design, integration and sales of high-tech companies, providing independent control of high-quality embedded computer platform-related products and services. Since its inception in 2008,with the purpose of rapid customer service,has established sales and development centres in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan.

We have a group of experienced and high-quality R & D team, the core technical staff all from the embedded leading manufacturer: radisys; Through inheritance radisys excellent team and product design experience, the core technical staff covering hardware, the underlying firmware, structure, heat dissipation , PCB Layout, High Speed Signal Simulation, System Integration, R & D Verification Testing and Product Lifecycle Management.

LandmarkTech has formed a standard product line with COM Express, Qseven module and CPCI computation board as core, and the upcoming launch of the different specifications of the embedded motherboard, CPCI switchboard, VPX calculation board, integrated machine, 1U / 2U / 4U server system and other products.We take the standard products as the cornerstone,and diversified way of cooperation, at the same time provides the high quality and rapid customized services.

Our customer base has been widely distributed in: on board rugged computer、 medical imaging、intelligent energy transportation、Internet of Things、industrial control、communication equipment、test measurements and other applications areas . The company since its establishment, adhering to the innovative spirit of independent research,a solid development strength and quality control capacity,fast professional pre-sales technical support and after-sales service;We provide autonomous、quick and convenient、 high quality and reliable embedded solutions and product services for various industries with sincere attitude.